The Securus Sponsored Errors & Omissions Program Highlights

Securus is proud to offer its team members Errors & Omissions coverage for an incredibly low cost while still providing excellent coverage with exceptional benefits. Take a look and compare the Securus sponsored Errors & Omissions coverage with what other carriers have to offer.

The Securus E & O program is for all carriers (Except Foresters) and products where Securus is your IMO.

Compare Our Incredibly Low Negotiated Prices:

$399 Annually
$125 Quarterly
$50 Monthly by automatic debit by credit card or Pay Pal

Download Now Please click on the "Download Now" prompt, complete the form, and email it to us. If you prefer, you may print the form, complete it, and fax it to: (732) 225-1760.

After filling in and faxing back this form, you will receive confirmation in approximately 72 hours via email, complete with your certificate of insurance.

If you have any question in the process, please email us.